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Photos of Women and Their Birth Attendants

Nepal:   Somalia: Ethiopia:   Canada:   Brazil:   United States: and Sierra Leone:   Haiti:   Kenya: Great Britain:   Democratic Republic of Congo:   Philippines: Iran: Japan: Malawi: Russia: Uganda: Thailand:   India:   Vietnam: Argentina:

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Keith Olbermann’s Brilliant Rant for Women

When I first saw the video of NFL Raven’s player Ray Rice dragging his wife out of an elevator, I assumed it was a woman who was drunk and passed out after a late night of drinking. My husband quickly

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Palestinian Woman Answers the Question of Teaching Hate to Children…

Rafeef Ziadah responds to a common question of a very controversial topic. She answers as someone who understands the fickleness of the media, as someone who desires peace, and someone who grew up a witness to these on-going events. “We

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Kids & Cleaning: How to Combine the Two!

This post was provided by site supporters of IANtB Having kids and having a clean house can sometimes seem like an oxymoron. You can’t ship them off to the grandparents every time you need to vacuum, however, so it’s best to figure

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