TWINS, by Matthew Alexander and Sophie Karen (A Giveaway)

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Two days ago we received this book in the mail. It was a gift given by the author, Matthew Alexander, in addition to a lovely note he had written our family.

The first thing I noticed was the obvious resemblance of the illustration of the two boys on the cover and my two boys.


Preview1_SamI opened up the book and, within a couple of pages, I wasn’t sure, but then Samuel jumped up with full excitement and I began to tear up.  We have been bringing up their own comments and concerns about race quite frequently, as well as trying to start preparing them for the fact that, socially, the color of your skin does make a difference, why that is wrong, and how they are the next generation for change. We also have to advise them to be cautious, be aware, and understand the years of transgressions and damage our society has done went much faster than the healing that must take place, and part of the healing is to honor the people who were hurt in the past by remembering what transpired and the inequality that is currently happening around us every day. We don’t want to forget; they know that.

But the boys are still so young and sometimes they do want to be reminded how much they are alike. They love pretending they are twins, and we don’t want to ignore their hearts, either. It is important that they also understand that at home they are safe. Home is where they can drop their guard and understand their appearance doesn’t matter. It is a place to recharge and a place to give hope and comfort. There is a balance of not sugar coating the world, while also making sure they know in that hope they can be the catalysts for continued change.

But, back to the book….

The book is from perspective of the unnamed white boy in the story, and he is talking about the similarities between himself and his neighbor, Sam.

The book is a sweet story that discusses racial differences and acknowledges the fact that we can discuss how we look different, but it is also great to celebrate our sameness too.

The boys absolutely love the story, and we think you will too!CreateSpace_Background

We are giving away 3 autographed copies to 3 lucky winners!

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  1. I know someone with biracial twins who Were different colors

  2. I really want this book! My husband and I were talking about buying it :D

  3. Oh I love this! To teach my daughter that your skin tone, hair, eyes, etc don’t have to be the same to be FAMILY!

  4. This sounds like a perfect book for my family!

  5. my lil sister is 1/2 black and my step fil is black i think this will appeal to my kids who have cousins of a variety of colors

  6. This book looks lovely.

  7. This book looks lovely!

  8. My family would love this. We’re prepping to become an interracial family, adopting from Africa. We’re always looking for wonderful books like this to add to the childrens’ bookshelves.

  9. As a transracial family, we too tear up at books like this. We love children’s books on love, friendship, and family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I love reading about your family and can’t wait to share this book with my son what he’s old enough

  11. Would love to read this to my son

  12. I had trouble leaving a comment via facebook so trying again. I admire the way you parent and would love to read this book to my son.

  13. Because I have biracial grand children

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