The History of the Baby Bottle


Late 19th Century Advertisement for Formula, “Lactated Food”…
Take a look at the bottles that were used during this time.

Do you know the history of the baby bottle?

Check out The History of the Feeding Bottle.

The website is fascinating, and explores the history of feeding bottles as far back as 450 B.C.E..

Did you know ancient bottles looked like this?

Here is a bottle from ancient Egypt depicting a mother breastfeeding:

The bottle was thought to contain breastmilk, which the Egyptians of the time considered mystical, and thought the milk held many powers.


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  1. Darillyn Lamb Starr

    Before the advent of rubber, artificial baby feeders were pottery or china with an opening on top to pour whatever was being fed into, and a narrow spout for the baby to suck on. There was a time when babies were fed “pap” which was a mixture of flour and water. Of course, most babies fed this way did not survive. When the use of animal milks, thinned with water and sweetened, was used, most babies at least survived. What was being fed to them at least did not kill them and had some of the nutrients needed, but since it lacked any immunities, many babies were sickly and quite a few died of various infections. This was in western “modern” civilization. It traditional cultures, a baby without a mother would be put to the breast of someone else. They still do it that way. Sometimes, culture and scientific knowledge isn’t the best thing!

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