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A Letter About Marriage From My Dad 42

My parents have been married for over 40 years. And not a lukewarm relationship- people who don’t know them often ask if they are newlyweds due to the way that act towards each other To my Favorite, People always ask

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Confession Friday- The Hunger Games 34

I am obsessed with The Hunger Games I was at the book store today and I saw it on a stand that said “teen fiction.” I cringed when I saw the label because I am currently reading the series. I

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Wordless Wednesday- Mexican Oscar Party 10

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It’s my SITS DAY! 88

Holy Cow! Today is my SITS Day! (It’s a big deal!) What is SITS? Visit here for details. So, here is a little about who I am and about this blog for all my fellow SITS sisters and new readers-

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Movie Weekend- Avengers 4

There are so many great movies coming out but… Do you know what every person in our house is waiting for? Marvel’s the Avengers It’s coming to theatres May 4, 2012 That is a lifetime away to my children. Luckily,

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Happy Birthday To Me! 17

I’m taking the day off to celebrate my birthday with my boys! Birthdays make commoners celebrities for a day. I am taking this role seriously. Sunglasses must be worn indoors and at night. I also gave Brian my requirements for

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Our Wedding 16

Happy Anniversary Brian! I love you! Brian and I got married on Superbowl Sunday- kind of. Our ceremony was that day, we eloped a few months earlier. Coincidentally, the game was Giants vs. Patriots We had our ceremony and reception

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