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Taking a Stand For What You Believe In

I keep getting asked this question: “Do you think using the media is good way to spread an important message?” I absolutely do! There are some things worth mentioning before jumping into something as crazy as a potential media firestorm,

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What Not To Say To Adoptive Parents 61

Conversation about adoption can be tricky.  A seemingly benign comment can cause an adoptive parent to lash out in protection of their family. I’ve received many emails from people quite upset. They are experiencing negativity from friends or acquaintances when asking about adoption. The questions

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Guest Post-I, Too, Am Not the Babysitter. 36

I, too, am not the babysitter. Most teenagers aspire to look older.  After all, there are advantages to looking older at that point in life.  Then, sometime in their 20s or 30s, many young adults begin to purposely reverse the

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To All the People That Write Me Hate Mail 39

Dear People Who Write Me Hate Mail,   Thanks for entertaining me. I will never respond privately, but I appreciate you guys. So, here is a special post dedicated to you: To the breastfeeding haters- I have no idea why

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Homeschooling 27

So, I have a rant….. Lately, when I meet other mothers at the park the conversation about schooling will come up. I explain my kids will be home schooled, which immediately sparks some strange conversation. If someone wants to ask

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To the Annoying Lady at the Park 6

Dear Annoying Lady at the Park, I do not normally have opinions of other mothers at the park. However, you are the exception. I overheard you referring to me as the nanny, and while that was not annoying, I did

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