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Breastfeeding for the first time 3

This is a guest post for iamnotthebabysitter.com. We encourage voices of all mothers on the topics discussed on this blog. The views and opinions may not be those of iamnotthebabysitter.com, but we encourage and welcome respectful debate and the opinions of all

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Attachment Parenting, Sex, and Marriage

Brian requested that I write a post about sex because it bugs him that the majority of society doesn’t understand “attachment parenting” and makes assumptions about the sex lives of the parents who practice attachment parenting. When I starting writing

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Breastfeeding an Adopted Older Child 9

Yes, you read that right: adoptive breastfeeding. We had our appointment with the dreamy Dr. Gary Feldman (International Adoption specialist)- hello if you are reading this- Dr. Feldman agreed that breastfeeding a child at any age is one of the

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