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7-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School for Having Dreadlocks 11

Do you remember the 5-year-old that was suspended from school for having a mohawk? A similar situation is happening to another family in the US. An Oklahoma father was told repeatedly by school officials of his 7-year-old daughter, Tiana’s charter

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Brian’s Locks of Love 49

My husband lost his mother to cancer when he was only eight years old. He still vividly remembers the wigs she would wear during the time of her treatment. A couple of months ago we started talking about his mother

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Glamorous And Granola 25

 I strive to live a life free of chemicals in my food, toiletries, and household products. For some reason, that qualifies me to be labeled a “hippie.” Hippies make me think of bra-burning, mushroom ingesting, hairy (deodorant-free) armpitted women, who

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Hair… 8

There is well-known joke about white families that adopt black children, and how they can’t style their new child’s hair for beans. We always said we were not going to be those kind of parents.   but….      

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