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Bic Lady Pens

Ellen: “Can you believe this? We have been using man pens all these years!”


Don’t forget to check out the Amazon reviews.

Here are some of my favorites:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.32.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.33.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.33.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.36.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.36.21 PM Read all  BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen reviews here.


One Night Stand Nightmare

I shared my most embarrassing moment on here awhile back. We had asked others in our Facebook group to share their most embarrassing moments, and needless to say, the responses left us with tears rolling down our faces we were laughing so hard.

One of our reader responses was so funny we asked if we could share on this blog, and lucky for you, she said yes!

So here is Heather Greenwood’s most embarrassing moment:


After an extremely awful one night stand, I called a taxi home, and sat down at his dining room table to wait (wooden chairs, no cushions). With no warning whatsoever, I let out the longest, loudest fart of my entire life. The wood chairs somehow created this echo effect that I swear made the dishes rattle. I said, “I think I’ll just wait outside,” hoping he’d say something reassuring (or at least have the courtesy to pretend nothing had happened). He said, “I think that’s best.” -Heather Greenwood


Pre-30 Bucket List: Being a Part of a Conspiracy Theory- Check!

When doing keyword searches for Fayye Foundation my team discovered this: Space/Gods: A Mother and Child Reunion

Apparently, we are all a part of a conspiracy theory. Not just the cover, which I probably would not have taken as a conspiracy about me or Aram- but then it became personal (in an awesome way) when he started comparing Fayye Foundation to the Fringe Division!

“UPDATE: Covergirl Jame Lynne Grumet is founder of an NGO called the Fayye Foundation. If you’re thinking that logo looks vaguely familiar, you’re not alone.”

The truth has been exposed! ;-)



Ironically, this guy probably made the most sense out of anyone who wrote an article the day that cover came out. He definitely did the most research for his article out of anyone.

Now, whether or not he makes any sense is still up for debate.


“But the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the cover was this….

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, that nutty Secret Sun guy. Always seeing stuff that isn’t there. But let’s deconstruct this rather stark cover design. Note that it’s the left breast that’s exposed – the exposed left breast was a symbol in divinity in classical art.

Note that young Harpo (my nickname for the tyke) is wearing camouflage pants, most commonly associated with the military. Horus was the god of war.

Young Harpo is standing on a chair, rather than a stool or a small stepladder. Isis’ name comes from the ancient Egyptian word for “throne”, which is why she was often depicted with a throne atop her head.”

Now, I know being a part of a conspiracy theory doesn’t happen every day…

If we would have known this was even a remote possibility we would have slapped this on our bucket list years ago.


By request, it is going up as number 31 on our Pre-30 Bucket List: Being Connected with a Conspiracy Theory.

Take me to the mothership.

Taking a Stand For What You Believe In

Time magazine - Use the media for your cause

I keep getting asked this question:

“Do you think using the media is good way to spread an important message?”

I absolutely do! There are some things worth mentioning before jumping into something as crazy as a potential media firestorm, though.



Your entire family needs to be on-board. You are a unit, make important decisions as one. A media firestorm will effect every member of your family, so you’ll all need to be prepared.



If your passion happens to be your job, that is one thing. If you, independent of employment, choose to make a big statement through the media about a cause you believe in, it should be done for free. That includes follow-up interviews.



Even if your message is portrayed beautifully, some people will still hate it. It would be naive to think otherwise. (Remember: you aren’t doing this to make friends.)



You will be taking a (hopefully, educated) risk. If the publicity is coming from well-known popular sources, you will not be given creative control. You will reach more people, but even the most discerning person cannot predict what the final editors will produce.  With that being said, even if it is not portrayed well, keep in mind your reasons for participating; good inevitably will come from your work. The Time cover shot was by no means offensive, but the cover as a whole was not the message we wanted to convey. However, many other magazines came out with their own versions of the cover. Those covers would have never been created and released if it weren’t for the less-than-desirable cover that hit such a nerve with the public.



we can do it - use the media for your cause

No matter how the media swings it, there will be discerning people that understand the message and cause.  They will rally to help spread the message. Bask in this small victory to help fuel your resolve.



If it gets big enough, this will inevitably happen. For me, I knew exactly who my friends were before going into the media battlefield. They (not surprisingly) ended up being exactly who I thought they were (loyal, loving, supporting, encouraging… etc.)

However, some people will try to connect themselves with you through association. There were people I’ve never had any communication with before who claimed to have a personal connection with me to help publicize their own agenda (business, blog, website). A lot of untruths were written, but the people were giving more clout because they claimed to be a friend or colleague.

Bottom line: people will try to make money off of you from every angle imaginable.



No matter how crazy it gets, just know that people will forget about you, but they won’t forget about the issues you’ve brought up.



I keep hearing, “you are so brave” or “you are really tough.” Well, most people are. This is not unique to a small percentage of the population. Our culture uses fear as the the opiate for the masses, to keep us all in our little undisturbed boxes. The first day or two, I was scared for fear of the unknown. When it got to the height of the coverage and negativity (and if you didn’t notice, it was exceptionally covered in negative way) I remember thinking, “This is it?” Negative media attention is not scary, it is silly.

Do not be afraid of people saying negative things about you. Society wants us to believe it is the worst thing that can happen, but 1. It is easily manageable 2. Our world needs change, and it won’t happen if we don’t rock the boat.



It is impossible for someone to personally attack you if they don’t know you. They may think they know you, but really they are responding with their own filters to an image/thought they have confused for a human being.

Below are some examples of why getting judged from strangers is no big deal, and why fear of it should not stop you from continuing on with your message.I haven’t googled or looked anything up about myself since the cover came out. However, my friends definitely keep me informed about the most amusing and bogus of claims…

Or as I’d like to call it…


Stupid S*** Strangers Have Said About Me:

(I won’t even go into the weird stuff they said about Brian or the boys….)

  • I’m Native American. Great!…Well, except I’m not. I do love the movie Dances With Wolves, does that count for something?  My sister has American Indian Princess Syndrome (being Scandinavian, Sudanese, Armenian, and Romanian isn’t interesting enough, I guess). She was pretty excited to  hear she was Native American by rumor and relation.
  • I’m a model. At 5’3.75” (those three-quarters are important to me) and my husband will back me up on this, not a bit photogenic. I should be delighted by the confusion, but this misinformation was used for strange malicious rants.
    Jamie using the media for her cause

    Yes, I understand why it is so easy to mistake this hot little number for a professional model. Not their fault.

  • I’m really in my early 30s.  As if being mistaken for that prime age was supposed to be an insult?
  • My blog was named “I am Not the Babysitter” because it is proud statement against babysitters and any sort of childcare.Sure…it has nothing to do with the fact that I am the size and shape of a prepubescent 12 year old girl and my children, physically, do not match me. Oh, and that it clearly states on my blog that I am chronically confused for the babysitter. No, that makes too much sense.

    This must be what people see when they meet us for the first time. This band of weirdos is surprisingly a family.

Katherine Dettwyler pointed out a great scientific fact to me after the release of the cover and I will share her insightful and articulate words with you: “People are idiots…Don’t listen to them.”

Don’t stop fighting for something you believe in because of others. Some people are just morons and really don’t have anything better to do than make up stories about people they don’t know.

Red Bath Paint? Really Crayola?

If You Like To Laugh- Read This!


thewomanformerlyknownasbeautiful.com – just do it!


Morning Chaos

The past week I have woken up to the most random scenes:

I woke up to a bank robber

Luckily the suspect was apprehended by the owner of the stolen night-cap/disguise.

The next morning I woke up to this…..

I am happy to announce Aram’s face went back to normal after removing the underwearhat. Samuel clearly wears it better.

Which leads up to this morning. I woke up to Samuel locked in his room…except Samuel’s door doesn’t have a lock.

The hinges are in the inside of the door, but we removed the knob with no luck.

The maintenance staff came up with no luck and had to drill a hole in the door to get in.

Poor Samuel darted to the bathroom as soon as he was released.

Samuel’s door post-rescue


Well, looks like we were raptured.

Sorry if you didn’t make it.

Our building was having a great time on May 21, 2011….thanks to us.

All four of us were raptured in this prank, but after we thought about it we decided it would have been funnier if Aram was the only one not raptured when the elevator opened.

There it goes…..

Our doorman, Duante, reenacting his reaction.

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