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Confession Friday

“I don’t like it when things I like become popular.

That’s weird, right? I guess that is why it is my confession.

Hear me out.

Example 1: I liked Ugg boots way before they became popular.

Me and my Uggs in 1992 (my poor sister had the flu and still dressed up for me)

My Uggs in 1990

I don’t have a problem with other people liking the same things as me.

My issue that is once it becomes popular it will have its moment and eventually become unfashionable.

Uggs held true to that. They had their fleeting trendy moment and now they are considered part of “train-wreck fashion.”

I liked them before I they were popular, while they were popular, and I still like them now. I will be strong and continue to wear them despite the stigma of being unfashionable (it is the cross I must bear ;-) )

Also, supply and demand. Once Uggs became popular they had to start outsourcing to China. They lost their quality and fall apart or get holes MUCH easier (I have a pair from when I was 12 that still have no issues from wear)….(and I’m just realizing now it is weird my feet haven’t grown since I was 12…)…..

The quality of the shearling was what made me love them so much to begin with.

Now I buy Love From Australia because that is the closest thing I can find to the original quality.

:-( No more true Uggs….


Example 2: Betty White

I’m glad she is living it up in her 90s and is so popular, but darnit, I liked her first.

I watched Mary Tyler Moore and the Golden Girls throughout my entire childhood.

The teasing I received when I told my friends my favorite show was the Golden Girls as a teenager (I watched it every evening at 7PM when I was in high school)

Now look at them all, jumping on the Betty bandwagon….I shake my head…(you know who you are!)






Confession Friday

I go to IKEA for the food.

What Can I say? I’m a sucker for Swedish meatballs. [insert inappropriate joke here]

And at those prices? Really? Can you blame me? Before you give me a disgusted look, first ask yourself if you’ve even tried it…..If not, I suggest you do before you scoff at the idea of eating at a discount furniture store…


Ugly Underwear Confession


Confession Friday:

I have a pair of underwear from the 7th grade. I still wear them regularly. They are half camouflage, half red, with multiple holes, and all the elastic is stretched out so I need to role them. On top of that, Brian complains that I not only have them in my possession, but wear them regularly.

I just can’t seem to get rid of the darn things…I’ve even packed them for the trip I’m currently on.

Naughty Scrabble Confession



Confession: if I’m playing Scrabble and I can spell a naughty or off-color word, I’m going to, even if there is another word that has triple the value.

Winning is not my objective in this game. 


My Doula, Tupac

“We all gone die we bleed through similar veins.” – 2Pac

That was going through my head during my emergency C-section!

The OB was rushing through my cesarean and speaking to the anesthesiologist about my platelet count and blood pressure.

I was praying, but whenever I would stop that line from Bone Thugs N Harmony song kept rushing through my head!

I kept thinking, “Please God don’t let me die, my last thoughts can’t consist of both Jesus and ‘Thug Love’…It’s too pathetic…”

The Jesus part is something I definitely want, but since I’m essentially a suburban housewife, I’d like to skip the gangster rap in my final moments.

I have to admit, it totally took my mind off of everything scary happening. That is some good doula-ing,




Confession Friday

Confession: I liked my C-section…A lot.

The truth is, it was the only part of my pregnancy (aside from Aram) that I actually liked.

The procedure went smoothly, my recovery was easy, pain was minimal ( they forced me to take the Ibprofen the first day, but nothing after that- I never took the vicodin), and my scar has basically vanished (where is my battle scar!?). The most important thing is Aram is healthy because of it.



Don’t Tell Our Dentist…

Confession: I do not enforce a brush twice a day rule with my children.

I figure, they’re going to fall out anyway.

Confession Friday



 Secrecy sets barriers between men, but at the same time offers the seductive temptation to break through the barriers by gossip or confession.
Georg Simmel

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