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2-Year-Old Injured by Razor Blades Glued to Playground Equipment

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.37.48 PM

Image via Facebook

KWQC reported that a 2-year-old child was injured Monday by razor blades that had been glued to playground equipment in an East Moline park.

The police found 12 razors blades at the park where the child was injured.

Authorities searched surrounding parks for razor blades, but did not find any. Therefore, they believe this was an isolated incident.

Unfortunately, the police have not apprehended anyone for this crime and they currently have no suspects.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident please contact Captain Reynolds at (309) 752-1552 or Crime Stoppers at (309) 762-9500.

Baby Boy Injured in Road Rage Incident

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Credit- WBTW

A 6-month-old baby boy in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was admitted to the hospital after being injured during a road rage incident.

Accoding to WSMV TV, Timothy Barlow and his girlfriend LeAnn Persinger were already en route to the hospital due to their infant son, Gunner, experiencing an urgent medical condition.

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Powerful Images of Children Posing as Black History Icons

By Jamie

Eunique Jones Gibson started the Because of Them, We Can campaign during Black History Month in 2013.

Her goal was simple: to positively share African American history in a way that tackles racial stereotypes and empowers the youth who pose and view the images.

The campaign was so successful, it was clear that this project needed to be extended to 365 days (and now beyond). One year later, and Gibson has continued her campaign with inspiring new images.



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Children’s Winter Tea Recipe


The boys love this tea during chilly afternoons, or during our spa and yoga nights.

Children’s Tea:

(Serves 2)


  1. Place water, grape juice, tea bags, and 1 cinnamon stick into a small saucepan on medium heat.
  2. Bring to a simmer and turn off heat.
  3. Pour into tea cups or mugs.
  4. Place multiple orange slices in each cup.
  5. Garnish with a cinnamon stick (aka, kid’s stirrer).
  6. Let cool off to a safe temperature and enjoy!


To make it fun:

Some of the Most Disturbing Images Coming Out of Syria…

Mideast Lebanon Syria

Syrian woman carries her injured son who was shot by the Syrian border guard as they try to flee to a refugee camp.
-Photo by Hussein Malla

There are babies currently being born in Syrian refugee camps, as the mothers worry about bombs, bullets, and lack of food and medicine.

Syrian rebel activist group posted these videos on Youtube and Google+ this week:

This is a video of a four-year-old boy starving to death in Damascus as the war continues on in the city:

The boy did not survive.

The group took video of the tragic image of the boy lying in the mortuary:

Many locals have said they are unable to buy food in the war zone due to extremely elevated prices.

… Chemical attacks against their own people, war creating such poverty people are dying of starvation and violence , and a country with strong ties to Russia… I wonder what the future holds for Syria…

Should the US intervene?

I think more emergency relief needs to be brought in.

I’m not sure if a US military strike is the right choice… but my goodness… what have they done?

Book Review and Giveaway: Get Your Child to the Top by Megan Lisa Jones


Photo by Lori Dorman

I recently read Get Your Child To The Top: Help Your Child Succeed at School and Life by Megan Lisa Jones. The book tackles difficult subjects and modern-day struggles that our children are facing regarding education and the concerns for the rapidly evolving job market.


I really enjoyed how Megan Lisa Jones is coming at this from a mother’s perspective and is interviewing experts in the fields she covering. This allowed for multiple expert perspectives rather than a single point of view. I also love how so many quotes are used throughout the book (if you haven’t noticed on this blog, I love a good quote).

This book addresses the idea of success as finding your child’s passion and aiding them in pursuing passion in areas where their time is spent. The book puts heavy emphasis on conventional schooling regarding success in education. As a homeschooling mother, I feel this book was extremely helpful in understanding the challenges parents and children are facing in the school system. Regardless of whether or not my children are in the school system, it does (and should) matter to me and other homeschooling parents. The future of our country is dependent upon the current generation we are raising, so all children should matter to us, not just our own. However, if we are speaking about family-specific helpful tips, I did feel some of the book did not apply to my children, specifically because we home-school. There is, however, a paragraph in the book focusing on the positive aspects of homeschooling, but ended with the fact that this commitment can be very taxing on the parents.

I ended the book with thoughts of how to better my children’s desire to really love and value their education, as well as thoughts on the future. For instance, we are starting to plan now for how we will pay for the boys’ college (if they choose to go), and whether we would cover all or some of the expenses.

Interested? We are giving away a copy. You can get expert opinions on the state of our education system and tips on helping your child pursue their passions by entering below!


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Lori Dorman Photography

You belong among the wildflowers,
You belong somewhere close to me.
Far away from your trouble and worries
You belong somewhere you feel free.
– Tom Petty

What If Your Kids Catch You Having Sex?

What happens if your kids catch you having sex?



We’ve had parents write us concerned that their children will find them having sex and be psychologically damaged.


Many have said their concern has gotten in the way of their sex life (i.e. this fear is of such a concern that they sometimes avoid having sex with their partner.)

I think the fear, to a point, is rational, but when it starts interfering with living a healthy life, the fear itself becomes very unhealthy.

Paul Okami, a Professor at UCLA, conducted research that followed families and children from a young age until they reached adulthood. They studied the long-term effects of “household nudity” exposure as well as children being exposed to “primal scenes”.

I think these studies and articles written are helpful, but that is it. Helpful.

Let’s start with exposure to non-sexual “household” nudity:

“Exposure to parental nudity was associated with positive, rather than negative, sexual experiences in adolescence, but with a reduced sexual experience overall.” -source

This isn’t really addressing the original question that started this post, but it is is helpful information for many wondering if it is appropriate to allow their children to see themselves nude.

The outcome makes sense when you think about the fact that allowing your child to see the human body, exposed (rather,  just in a normal state) aids in allowing the child to identify the human body as normal and multifunctional (not just for sexual purposes). This would give a child greater self-confidence to not give in to peer pressure or have their first sexual experience before they feel they are ready.

Okay, now the real question. If your child has walked in on you having sex, will they be scarred for life?

“In the case of primal scenes, exposure was associated with improved relations with adults outside of the family and with higher levels of self-acceptance. Girls exposed to primal scenes were also less likely to have used drugs such as PCP, inhalants, or various psychedelics in adolescence. The one note of caution was sounded by a significant sex of participant interaction indicating that males’ exposure to primal scenes was associated with reduced risk of social “problems” associated with sexuality, while the opposite was the case for females. Women in our study who had been exposed to primal scenes reported increased instances of STD transmission and pregnancy. All findings were independent of the effects of SES, sex of participant, family stability, pathology, “pro-naturalism,” and beliefs and attitudes toward sexuality.” -source

Well, according to this, it sounds like that depends on the gender of your child.

The results here are so mixed that it doesn’t give much answer to the question, but I think it helps in formulating a personal opinion.

In my opinion, it seems to me “primal scenes” make sense to avoid, but if it does happen, it doesn’t mean your child is going to need therapy for the rest of his or her life. I think it also has much to do with how you handle the situation. Allowing your child to be subjected to unhealthy and unrealistic interpretations of sexual encounters from erotic content on TV, I would imagine, would be much more damaging during development than walking in on a healthy act of intercourse between a child’s parents.

I think avoiding sex completely to avoid the potential exposure of a child to a sex act is almost more harmful long-term to the child. It seems exposure risk is relatively low (especially when basic precautions are taken), but parents avoiding adult intercourse would likely cause many issues within the adult relationship that would in turn affect the child.

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