Our Illegal Activity on the Streets of Carmel | Stupid Laws

Our Illegal Activity on the Streets of Carmel | Stupid Laws

My cousin Whitney and I are having a great time in Carmel, but one of us is breaking the law.

Do you know who it is?


I am.

It is illegal to wear heels over two inches in Carmel.

Rarely (if ever) enforced, it was created for liability reasons due to tree roots creating very unleveled sidewalks.

Another random fact: they do offer free high-heel permits at City Hall!

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  1. Staci 27 May, 2013, 15:58

    A high heel permit…that’s awesome! And you both look wonderful, by the way!

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  2. The Fashionable Housewife 27 May, 2013, 16:06

    What a silly law!

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  3. carla g 27 May, 2013, 17:01

    I would totally go get a permit just cause… and i do not wear high heels! LOL

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  4. Zoe - SlowMama 27 May, 2013, 18:51

    Carmel is so lovely that law makers must have had nothing better to do with their time. Enjoy! Someday I will get back there…

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