Stop Withholding Love- By Jack Rose

Photo by Lori Dorman

Photo by Lori Dorman

Sunday thoughts in Haiti – before going to airport:
Can set aside the myriad volumes.
All religions boil down to these two directives:

1 – Love God (everything)

2 – Love your neighbor (everyone)

Love everything and everyone.

How do we follow this seemingly impossible directive?

In any given moment, in any possible situation

we always are faced with just two courses of action:

1 - to give love

- to withhold love

Knowing human nature, it’s unrealistic to imagine that we will,
all of a sudden, begin to love everything and everyone.

Here is how we can apply the ‘love directive’

in daily living settings and situations:

Just be aware of # 2 - stop withholding love.

It may be asking too much of us to love everything and everyone,

but in any given moment, we can make a new choice -
to stop withholding love.

This is actually easier than it sounds, just as it’s easier,
and more rewarding, to stop holding one’s breath -
to allow breathing to continue.

In other words, just as we must breathe to live,
we must love to be alive.
reporting live from Haiti
Sunday, 23 Dec,

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