Sorry Nestle, Water is a Human Right

Sorry Nestle, Water is a Human Right

Rural area of Sidama, Ethiopia -Photo by Lori Dorman

March 2013- Ethiopia.

It was a hot summer day during an extreme sandstorm when we arrived.

The shallow community well was undrinkable.

After being filtered, a child received his first taste of clean water; we were there and witness firsthand the immediate transformation.

If you told me you don’t believe access to clean water is a human right, then I would tell you, you don’t believe in human dignity.

Nestle’s attempt to fear people into supporting the commoditization of water is pure and simple greed.

Why should we care? Well, here are three great reasons:


Village receiving clean water access near Yirgalem, Ethiopia -Photo by Lori Dorman

For more information about group that believes clean water is for everyone, please visit

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