Should Women Pay More for Health Insurance than Men?

meme3Should women pay more for health insurance than men?

According to Dr. David Samadi women should be paying more for health insurance.

Why? We have breasts…

and ovaries….

and uteruses…

Oh yeah, and we are the ones gestating human babies, and are solely responsible for the perpetuation of our species.

But wait, don’t we also earn less wages than our male counterparts?

So… we make less money, but we should pay more and should be discriminated against for going to the doctor…Oh Fox News, always finding fair and compassionate people to voice their opinions…

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  1. josie 28 August, 2013, 22:52

    “I’m not saying this as a man” LOL
    too many ridiculously stupid sound bites from this interview!
    women use the healthcare system more, solve the problem! no one go to the doctor!

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  2. Brittany Jimenez 29 August, 2013, 05:37

    Sounds like someone is throwing a hissy fit that he wasn’t born a woman.

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  3. Brandyn 29 August, 2013, 09:15

    Its Fox News so there’s almost no point commenting, but I’m pretty sure that studies have shown that women are better about getting preventative care so yes we’ve been to the doctor more recently, but our last ten trips cost less than the semi emergency men wait for.

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  4. Jessie Belveal 29 August, 2013, 09:47

    Just ridiculously! They need to just average it out and charge the same or something.

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  5. Sarah Lee 30 August, 2013, 10:31

    Wow, I agree with the other commenter that guys just don’t like to go to the Dr. I see it among friends and family all the time, including my dad and husband. Guys don’t go until they can’t tolerate the pain. Women go to prevent pain, and stay healthy.

    That and we are usually guilted or tricked into going. :0) My family all see the same Dr., the kids have to have regular check up and shots for school & sports. Who do you think gets stuck taking them. Even though it means taking time off work, though hubby is home during the day with them (he works nights). He only takes the kids in an emergency situation, otherwise I’m expected to. Guess what happens when the Dr sees me! Haha…yeah they remind me and guilt me into making an appointment for my yearly check ups!

    So since babies and children need so many well baby/children appointments should they cost more too?

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