Sexy Halloween Costumes! A Mother’s Dilemma

Sexy Halloween Costumes! A Mother’s Dilemma

It’s the one time of year that women can dress like strippers and men can dress as women and no one bats an eyelid. Frankly, I think there is an awesome element to that.

However, the lack of diversity is where my issues lie. Disney Princess as an adult? Here are your top choices…



slutty belle costume image

slutty Cinderella costume image


I soon realized you can get ANY costume in a sexy version.

Here are the most entertaining:

slutty nemo costume image

sexy nemo


slutty elmo costume image

sexy elmo

There was a boardroom of professionals pitching this costume in the most serious way….the scariest part is that the people in charge totally bought this as a marketable product….which leads me to question why they have that job and I don’t.

slutty pinocchio costume image

Sexy Pinocchio

And they even added into the design Jiminy Cricket making a pass at Pinocchio…..yeah, that’s not creepy at all…

slutty brian the dog costume image

sexy brian the dog

heinz costume image

Sexy Ketchup

Finally They came up with a provocative tomato product ensemble. I know you probably were thinking the same thing as me- “what took so long?”

keg costume image

Sexy keg

A Sexy keg…why not?

Anna Rexia

Well, this is a great idea for a costume. Sure, let’s just make fun of a disease that is generated by our oversexed society that objectifies women’s bodies- and to make it even more of a knee slapper, let’s have the industry that is causing these women to starve themselves until the go into complete organ failure,  produce an outfit that mocks the disease in a “sexy” way. Awesome.

sexy harry potter

I’ve heard she has (Hog)warts….   ;-) Get it?



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  1. Sarah Auerswald 15 October, 2011, 12:37

    Wow. Just wow. The keg is the most disturbing.

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  2. courtney 15 October, 2011, 14:59

    I like how they feel the need to write sexy in front of of the costume, just in case we couldn’t figure it out…

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  3. Zoe - SlowMama 15 October, 2011, 20:55

    Don’t even get me started.
    Seriously, we all need to learn how to sew!

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  4. Disney Sisters 16 October, 2011, 09:58

    Hey, How did you get that picture of me in my Snow White Costume and Jessica wearing Alice In Wonderland?!?!? Thanks for putting our pictures on your blog!

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  5. Megan 16 October, 2011, 13:16

    Oh my gosh. The anorexia costume makes me so sick. Who the hell thought that was funny?

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  6. Audrey 17 October, 2011, 07:58

    I am so glad I have a boy and not a little girl. The oversexing of costumes isn’t limited to adults. Looking at the costume selection for little girls makes me shiver.

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  7. Allison 18 October, 2011, 10:25

    Thank you and Thank you! I have wound up making my daughter’s costumes because as soon as they’re out of toddler wear the costumes are too much for me! Ugh!

    The worst part is that my plus sized booty would NEVER fit into those, even if they had their boobs and thighs covered.

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  8. Mary 19 October, 2012, 16:23

    I have four daughters, none are sluts nor aspiring to be sluts. What happened to Halloween? When and why did it become the holiday to degrade girls?

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    • Jamie Lynne Author 21 October, 2012, 15:56

      I can’t figure out what happened to halloween. I just want to be a legitimately scary looking witch without my butt-hole showing. Is that really too much to ask?

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  9. Brandyn 19 October, 2012, 16:35

    Check out this site for a comparison of a “body bag” costume for men vs women. It’s disturbing.

    Another thought – As women’s costumes reduce in size (and therefore fabric) why do they keep getting more expensive?

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  10. Karen 19 October, 2012, 19:22

    Anna Rexia? Seriously? Makes me feel like I have to vomit.. This is awful

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    • Jamie Lynne Author 21 October, 2012, 15:58

      I know…I can’t believe people think that is okay to sell. I thought for sure it would be pulled this year. There is a plus sized version as well. I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse.

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  11. yvette yasui 19 October, 2012, 19:47

    I totes agree. I have lamented the same, year after year. However, having once worked in customer service for a costume company, I found a couple of ways to get around the “sexy” problem.

    1. Do a search for “Renaissance” or “Historical” or “Goddess” you will find more coverage.
    2. One can also do a search for “Plus” size, and although I do not agree with the industry standard, (I think they call many normal sized women plus sized), it may give you more choices.
    3. “Cosplay” costumes over a wide variety of themes, I have seen leather like catwoman type costumes, to hoop skirted bow dresses, and everything in between. Some costumes are “sexy” but many more are not. Even if you do not know the cosplay character, you can still get a great costume this way.
    4. One of my favorites is to look up simple home made costumes or go to the thrift store!
    happy costume hunting!

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    • Jamie Lynne Author 21 October, 2012, 15:59

      LOL I love your tips!

      The funny thing is if you want to be the regular version of the costume it seems to need to shell out way more money because they are almost theater quality. You are out of luck if you want a cheap rayon costume without cleavage.

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  12. Kirbie 19 October, 2012, 20:15

    And once again I am wondering what exactly is sooo offensive about breastfeeding in public after seeing these costumes? Hmm, could it be cause I dont have my butt hanging out as well as my boob? And Anna Rexia should be discontinued. It is so sad what people find humorous, I found it totally inappropriate.

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    • Jamie Lynne Author 21 October, 2012, 16:03

      LOL Yes, you can have you butt and boobs showing as long as they are for the pleasure of men. Didn’t you know that? Feeding a baby? INAPPROPRIATE! ;-)

      Yes, I thought for sure anna rexia would be discontinued this year. Looks like it still is selling.

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  13. Meagan 19 October, 2012, 21:32

    I still think sexy Erney (Sesame Street) is the creepiest… Something about the boy’s suspenders and bare midriff…

    As for me, I think I’ve got my cheapest and easiest, costume of my lifetime this year. I picked up a beard for $6 at the Halloween store… I’m pairing it with an old bride’s maid dress… “Bearded Circus Lady.” Done. Husband already has a handlebar mustache (honestly) and from our wedding, a top hat, so he’s going as the ringmaster, and we’re dressing the little one as a bear. Easiest family themed costume ever.

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    • Jamie Lynne Author 21 October, 2012, 16:06

      Ohhh sexy Ernie!!! Noo…bert is bad too…

      LOL I was thinking about being a garbage bag this year to save money. Like this costume, only without any of the creative part (just a black trashbag and a string…and maybe stuff it with newspaper)…

      Yours sounds way better. Repurposing an bridesmaid dress makes me laugh. Most only would work for halloween costumes!

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