Rhett Butler is Anti-Cry It Out: (Not So) Real Men of AP





One of my favorite movies of all time is Gone with the Wind (the book is even better). 

Clark Gable was dreamy enough on his own, but him playing Rhett Butler? *swoon*…

I always thought Brian was a bit like Rhett Butler’s character, but then that would make me Scarlett…

So, I tend to avoid using that comparison.

But I digress…

The movie happened to by on TV tonight and I turned it on during a scene where Rhett had taken his daughter, Bonnie to London and left Scarlett behind.

Watch this, it seems Mr. Butler is not a fan of the “cry it out method”, and Clark Gable will be sure to charm the pants off of you in this scene:

Here is the dialogue in case you had trouble hearing it (it follows the moments before and during the above video clip):

Bonnie Blue Butler: Daddy, dark! Daddy, dark!
Rhett Butler: There. Yes, yes. What’s the matter with my Bonnie?
Bonnie Blue Butler: A bear.
Rhett Butler: Oh, a bear? A big bear?
Bonnie Blue Butler: Dreadful big. And he sat on my chest.
Rhett Butler: Well, I’ll stay here and shoot him if he comes back.
Nurse: Good evening, Mr. Butler.
Rhett Butler: Haven’t I told you never to leave her alone in the dark?
Nurse: If you’ll pardon me, sir, children are often afraid of the dark, but they get over it. Just let her scream for a night or two.
Rhett Butler: Let her scream! Either you’re a fool or the most inhuman woman I’ve ever seen!

Nurse: Of course, if you want her to grow up nervous and cowardly.
Rhett Butler: Cowardly! There isn’t a cowardly bone in her body. You’re discharged!
Nurse: As you say, sir.


  1. AWE! so sweet he fired the nurse!

  2. Confession. I had to watch the clip twice to actually pay attention to the dialogue the second time. I was too busy swooning for Rhett Butler/Clark Gable the first watch…
    Maybe just one more viewing…

  3. Awesome! This is like the time I re-watched Lady and The Tramp for the first time as an adult and realized it depicts a home birth!

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