Real Men of AP: Walter

walter carrying smalls

Walter’s girlfriend Alanna writes about this week’s featured “Real Man of AP”:

“Here is a picture of my boyfriend Walter carrying our son and his namesake, Small Wall. Throughout my whole pregnancy he bought me the highest quality foods and supplements to ensure our baby would be getting the proper nutrition while he was growing. He came to every single OB appointment I had and spent three nights sleeping on a chair next to me in the hospital when I had a bad kidney infection at 22 weeks pregnant. The hospital was just a five minute drive from our home and comfy bed, but he didn’t want to leave his family.

He has been even more amazing and caring since our son was born in June, 2013. He makes sure that our son has everything he needs. He buys me fenugreek supplements and nursing support tea so I can continue to feed our son with no hang-ups. Unfortunately for me, Daddy was the first person Small Wall smiled at, and a couple months later he also got the first laugh out of our son. It’s great to have a partner who shares the exact same parenting goals and standards I have. I love seeing the way they interact together, and I know that Walter will continue to be the best father, roll model, and friend to our little Small Wall.”

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  1. He seems like a great father! She’s lucky :)

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