Kid-Friendly iPad Apps: Bob and Larry’s ABC’s App and Giveaway


Our family has been watching Veggie Tales since I was young. I remember listening to the creator Phil Vischer explain how Veggie Tales was born. The technology he had at that point would not allow arms, legs,hair, or clothes. He started out with candy with faces, but his wife said that if this was going to be used for children’s entertainment and education it probably would be a poor idea to choose candy. In came the idea of veggies.

Veggie Tales certainly had humble beginnings, but soon found its way into homes all across America, and now has made its way onto tablets and smartphones with their new children’s book app.

Bob and Larry’s ABC’s app helps children learn the alphabet through a fun interactive story narrated by who else but Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

Our thoughts on the App:

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.55.36 AMOur recommended age range: 2-4 years. Although, this app does come with a lesson plan specifically geared toward grades K-1.

Focuses on: Identifying and learning the letters of the alphabet.

Additional: Interactive story.  Biblical references in the story.

What could be improved upon: Nothing. This app is a great basic and fun app that will entertain children of all ages, but specifically would be a learning tool for children who do not yet know their alphabet.


If you’re interested in trying this app out Storypanda is graciously giving three of our readers a Bob and Larry’s ABC’s app.



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  1. Our fav veggie tales character in our house is Larry the Cucumber

  2. My almost 3 year old son fav character is bob the tomato

  3. I would live to win this!

  4. Definitely Larry.

  5. My favorite Veggie Tales character is Junior Asparagus. :) He seems to be the one who makes a lot of mistakes and has a chance to learn from them. So I can relate.

  6. My son would LOVE this!

  7. We don’t have a favorite veggie tale friend, hope to check them out.

  8. My son loves the Broccoli!

  9. My kids love Larry and Bob and I am partial to the peas!!

  10. We love all the veggietales characters

  11. My son has autism and LOVES Veggietales!

  12. I like “Bob the mato” as my 2 y/o calls him. She would love this!

  13. How fun!! Larry is great!

  14. Bob the Tomato!

  15. Larry of course!!

  16. My boys would LOVE this!! Our favorite is Pa Grape!!

  17. Larry the Cucumber!!!! Would totally love to win this for my son.

  18. Larry Boy!!! Love Veggie Tales and this app will be perfect for my daughter. :)

  19. Bob is my son’s favorite Veggie Tales character!

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