Kid-Friendly App: Knoala

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On our kid-friendly app journey, it didn’t take long for me to discover my very favorite kids’ app!


Creators Tony Hsieh and Cathy Hsu knew what they were doing when they planned and launched Knoala. Everything about it is well-thought out and well-executed.

A little more about the app from their website:

Knoala offers thousands of fun & development-boosting activities for parents to enjoy with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Based on your child’s age and local weather conditions, Knoala finds activities that are most suitable for you and your family. Bond with your child over games and crafts that foster artistic, cognitive, emotional, motor, sensory and language skills. Connect with thousand of parents to exchange ideas on how to keep your child happy and busy. Follow the hottest mom and dad bloggers for their expert advice on keeping your little ones entertained. With Knoala in hand, you never have to worry about your child feeling bored again. All content on Knoala are free, and always will be.

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What I love about this app is that it can be utilized multiple ways. They give you pre-approved videos and other interactive games on the app, but the majority of the ideas do not require the child to be using a tablet or smartphone to play (some of the non-tech ideas given are crafts, recipes, and story telling ideas). The actual app just gives you the best ideas from the team at Knoala or submitted by parents and approved by Knoala, and this can be accessed no matter where you are! Families that are traveling or out on the town can quickly find fun ideas for their children.

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Right now Knoala is optimized from ages 0-5 years, but they are growing fast and soon will be incorporated activities for children past preschool. (Which I personally cannot wait for!)

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The app is completely free, and I am not just saying this, but if you could have one child’s app on your phone, this would be it!

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Download it and let me know what you think!

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  1. too bad they don’t have an Android version :(

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