Homeboy Industries

Today I will be spending my morning at Homeboy Industries.
Last week, I brought my friend Shannon on a bit of an adventure (the girl is up for anything fun) to check out what Homeboy is cooking up-  and apparently that would be baked goods and salsa (among other things).

Homeboy Industries serves at-risk and gang involved youth with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their multiple needs, and runs four businesses that serve as job-training sites. – source

I mentioned to our Director of Marketing at the Fayye Foundation that I visited Homeboy Industries. He replied, “Isn’t that who makes the bad-ass salsa from the farmers market?” – Why, yes it is.

Homeboy’s business includes:  

  • Homegirl Cafe & Catering
  • Homeboy Farmers Markets
  • Homeboy Bakery
  • Homeboy & Homegirl Merchandise
  • Homeboy Diner
  • Homeboy Grocery
  • and Homeboy silkscreen and embroidery.

Homeboy Industries also provides programs and services:

  • Employment Services
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Legal Services
  • Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence Services

The boys and I will be there today to check out their Baby and Me program.

(right to left) Me, Deandre “Dre”, Shannon, and Edward


I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from women in the Los Angeles area asking about local volunteer opportunities. Here is a great way to be a part of the community we live in. Homeboy is always looking for volunteers and your presence can make a difference. Check out the Volunteer Page for more information.

Want to learn more? Watch Homeboy’s founder, Father Greg Boyle, speak at UCLA about the beginning of the organization and what it is today:


Read about Shannon’s (The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful) experience HERE


This post was sponsored by a generous donation to Fayye Foundation from Sacred Lotus. Siobhan and I have similar interests in a natural and organic lifestyle and her products are wonderful compliments to this lifestyle. Check them out and thank her for supporting our projects to fight the global orphan crisis.


  1. Wow. Your blog is eye opening in more ways than I can count. Homeboy Industries looks wonderful, and such a valuable service. Thank you so much for highlighting so many great things.

  2. Hey girl — I love this! (Although I’m not thrilled about what that blouse is doing to my girls). Thank you for getting me to step out of my comfort zone. I love the tour and meeting the young men and women Homeboy is helping reform and move forward with their lives. Their stories were humbling and inspiring. Keep the torch burning bright Jamie!

  3. Love love love this organization. It’s not only a great cause – it’s a source for DELICIOUS food! Supporting them by buying their goods is a real treat!

  4. Love it! Sounds like a place I’d love to visit and volunteer. (I think Shannon’s girls look just fine — it’s just the fabric! :-)

    • LOL Zoe I agree! It is Shannon’s blouse fabric.

      The place is so warm and inviting. I’ve heard people are a little intimidated when coming it- but all of the concerns go out the window when they are walking around.

  5. Oh I didn’t know that place was still there..? I thought they had a fire.. I’ll definitely check it out sometime!

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