Help Bring Breastfeeding Back To Sesame Street!

About a year ago my sister told me to youtube a video.

“Buffy Nurses Cody” was the title. My sister (who is not very tech savvy) had my niece look for that video on their computer. And she found it.

My sister was a child when that segment aired and said it left a lasting impression on her.  She was so excited to find it again and show her children (that were all breastfed by her… partially thanks to Buffy’s excellent lesson.)


Up until the 1990s the educational program taught children there were two ways to nourish a child- breastfeeding and bottle feeding.


Unfortunately, the show decided in the 1990s to try and shed their “hippie” image and removed all the breastfeeding segments.

We need to expose children to positive (non-sexual) functions of the body early. In turn it will normalize breastfeeding, teach children healthy body image, and why the body should be respected.

One of the best lessons for children is teaching how the human body (like any other mammal) can nourish an infant completely on its own.

If Sesame Street is going to teach children how mothers nourish their babies with bottles, they should also incorporate breastfeeding.

Visit Bring Breastfeeding Back to Sesame Street for more information and link to the petition (over 20,000 signatures and counting!)



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  1. Caryn B 14 January, 2012, 20:49

    I had no idea breastfeeding was even addressed on Sesame Street but I agree that for some reason in our country, we shield our children from it. We hide behind covers and in restaurants….we fight for our right to feed our children normally in public….I think that Sesame Street can definitely address nursing in a non-sexual, educational way without being graphic…..Thanks for taking me to those videos….very interesting….

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  2. Yvonne Condes 15 January, 2012, 11:33

    I can’t believe that. I still feel like it is a hippie show. Bring it back, Sesame Street!!

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  3. Nicky 16 January, 2012, 09:28

    I love these segments! I remember seeing the “You’re My Baby” music video when I was a kid. So sweet. Maybe they could tone down the Elmo-ness while they’re at it.

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  4. Ericka @Nibbles and Feasts 16 January, 2012, 13:16

    Thank you so much for this post! I had no clue Sesame Street ever touched on the subject of breastfeeding. So wonderful that there is a petition out there as well.

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  5. christina 16 January, 2012, 13:50

    how funny, I would never have had any idea that Sesame Street addressed feeding babies at all, let alone how. I guess I don’t really watch it enough to know. but breastfeeding being hippie? wow. I think it would only be hippie if you made a three-ring circus out of it.

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  6. Jeanne Medina 20 February, 2013, 09:01

    I loved watching the clips, but the petition looks like it closed before reaching it’s goal. Is there another petition going now?

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