Happy Birthday Samuel! (7!)

IMG_1867Happy Birthday Samuel!

Since this is going to be the closest I will ever come to scrapbooking, I am adding a public entry here for each of your birthdays.

Hmm…what can I say? I imagine you a grown man sifting through these entries and looking for memories of the past. What would you want to know?

Well, I think you should know how much energy your six-year-old self had (and I am betting seven won’t slow you down, much). I’m serious, you don’t wear-out. You go at lightning speed until bedtime. We all watch in amazement, and with slight envy.

You hate to see people being treated unfairly. You may seem quiet and somber in new environments, but that is just you observing those around you. You notice when people are kind; you notice when they are being unkind. You notice when people need help and you notice when people are not helping. You are the first to give a helping hand, and always before anyone would need to ask.

You get more excited than anyone I know when a rainbow is spotted in the sky. Every time you see one, you explain reflection and refraction of light in the tiny water droplets after a fresh rain and then end with how it is a symbol of God’s promise.

You are kind, loving, compassionate, respectful, and joyful.

You are so so special.

I cannot wait to watch you grow up.



  1. Happy birthday, Samuel! Seven is an amazing age, full of wonder and prospect, discovery and imaginings. Enjoy!

    That was a beautiful post, Jamie Lynn. Future Samuel is going to love reading it. :)

  2. Happy birthday, Samuel! A beautiful entry. Can’t wait to meet that little guy some day!

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