Book Review and Giveaway: Get Your Child to the Top by Megan Lisa Jones


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I recently read Get Your Child To The Top: Help Your Child Succeed at School and Life by Megan Lisa Jones. The book tackles difficult subjects and modern-day struggles that our children are facing regarding education and the concerns for the rapidly evolving job market.


I really enjoyed how Megan Lisa Jones is coming at this from a mother’s perspective and is interviewing experts in the fields she covering. This allowed for multiple expert perspectives rather than a single point of view. I also love how so many quotes are used throughout the book (if you haven’t noticed on this blog, I love a good quote).

This book addresses the idea of success as finding your child’s passion and aiding them in pursuing passion in areas where their time is spent. The book puts heavy emphasis on conventional schooling regarding success in education. As a homeschooling mother, I feel this book was extremely helpful in understanding the challenges parents and children are facing in the school system. Regardless of whether or not my children are in the school system, it does (and should) matter to me and other homeschooling parents. The future of our country is dependent upon the current generation we are raising, so all children should matter to us, not just our own. However, if we are speaking about family-specific helpful tips, I did feel some of the book did not apply to my children, specifically because we home-school. There is, however, a paragraph in the book focusing on the positive aspects of homeschooling, but ended with the fact that this commitment can be very taxing on the parents.

I ended the book with thoughts of how to better my children’s desire to really love and value their education, as well as thoughts on the future. For instance, we are starting to plan now for how we will pay for the boys’ college (if they choose to go), and whether we would cover all or some of the expenses.

Interested? We are giving away a copy. You can get expert opinions on the state of our education system and tips on helping your child pursue their passions by entering below!


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  1. Sharon Greene 31 August, 2013, 00:28

    This looks like a great book to help inspire my kids to achieve their educational goals. I’d sure love to win a free copy!

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  2. megan 9 September, 2013, 17:00

    All those entering…thanks for the interest and support (and to Jamie and her team). If anyone wants to read the Publisher’s Weekly review it’s at:

    Any and all feedback is welcome.


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