Daryl Davis: The Man Who Turns KKK Members

I remember first learning about Daryl Davis when I was an Anthropology major in 2005.

I first thought his story might be a PR ploy for the KKK (just like violent biker gangs put together toy drives and other charitable out-of-character work,)  and that Mr. Davis was just an unsuspecting victim.

The more I learned about Daryl Davis, the more I realized the KKK actually wants people to think it is for a boost in PR, when they actually really have connected with the man they are supposed to be separated from. This became most apparent to me when I found out that eleven members had left the hate group and gave Davis their robes, all because of their relationship with him.

His story is inspiring- and you can read a good article about him HERE.

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  1. as a huge fan of your blog, mother, and biker (in one of those gangs) I just want to say, every scary looking bearded fat biker i know enjoys doing toy drives, and ‘out of character’ runs (fancy dress ride for childrens cancer charities, walk a mile in her shoes, weekends devoted to raising money and awareness for disabilities) not for P.R or any attention seeking reason…. but because its a nice thing to do, its good fun, and most importantly we get to ride while helping :)
    Theres exceptions to every rule, but most bikers are the nicest people about.

    (please dont think im making a dag, i really do love your blog, i just wanted to point this out, i tried to add humour to this comment, im sorry if i have failed )

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