Dad Forces Boy to Run Alongside Car for ‘Football Training’

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The father in the video identifies himself as “Brandon Yates” of Texas.

He can also be heard telling his young son, that he is preparing him for professional football training.

‘This is how we train for football!”

“Daddy drives and you run. Now get your little ass in shape!”

“Come on. Faster Yates. You’re running like old Brian Yates. He ain’t worth a shit, an old slow son of a bitch. Pick it up!”

“If you wanna play for the Cowboys pick that shit up!”

The car is shown to be moving at 8 miles per hour while the little boy (wearing crocs) runs alongside.

The complains that his hip hurts as the come up to the driveway, but the father tells him he doesn’t want to hear any excuses.


  1. That is sickening.

  2. This should be classified as child abuse.

  3. Disgusting. I would love to get my hands on that dad

  4. Disgusting parent

  5. I certainly hope this has been followed up by authorities. Just awful.

  6. Asshole redneck. At the very least give the kid some socks and sneakers.

  7. Ugh the worst is that all of his Facebook friends think it’s hilarious and are egging him on saying that’s the way Texans parent. It’s not. Vile.

  8. disgusting :( “hurry up or i’ll run you the f*** over” poor kid looking over his shoulder every few steps to make sure “daddy” isn’t running him down! that poor boy!

  9. Jennifer Bennington

    This made me cry…poor little guy. What a jerk! And thats saying it nicely! I wanted to reach throught the screen and punch the father in the throat.

  10. This is child abuse that asshole deserves a taste of his own medicine.

  11. Poor young boy… this makes me cry….

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