Big Armenian Christmas Eve

I was so excited to spend Christmas with my family!

I knew the boys would be excited to see their cousins

My mom with the boys’ newest cousin, Bobby

On Christmas Eve we attended a candelight service at our home church.

Then we went and had some Philly Cheesesteaks where Samuel got into Grandma’s lipstick!

Christmas Eve night we always have a family party:

Andy and Auntie Barbara

Samuel was obsessed with R2D2. He was moving around so fast this was the only in-focus picture of him from the entire night.

top: David, Brian, Trent, Michael- bottom: Todd and Brandon

Auntie Barbara and Grammy!

My dad- the big kid in the picture

My cousin Lori and Brian

Todd, Lori, Bryan, and Sandy

The boys did shots

more shots

My cousin Nicole brought alligator for any brave soul willing to try it…Brian never turns down a meal:

We found a UFO that turned out to be Samuel

Lori and Aunt Nancy!

cheese borag!!!

My niece Jessie (the Amazon) and Lori

more shots!


Jessie, cousin Steph, cousin Mike, and cousin Jamie (nice name ;-))

Cousin Joanne, My mom, my dad, and Andy

Grammy hotcakes

Aram playing arcade games with cousin Jacob

We made it home before Santa came down the chimney


And that is how our family does Christmas Eve!


  1. Looks like fun. Your son was definitely having fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You and Lori look like you could be sisters! Is Jessie a model? She totally could be one.
    Also, you are ROCKING that gold dress! Gorgeous!

    Your house looks so pretty, all decorated for Christmas Eve!

    • Thanks Ronni! Lori and I are a year apart. Everyone thought we were twins when we were little. I know we have different coloring, but there is something similar about us. I think it is our eyes.

      Jessie has modelling agencies salivating. She’s 5’11″ and has been described as a better looking “Gisele”- And my sister won’t let her go near any of that industry. She’s also homeschooled and extremely sweet.

  3. You are now on my blogroll, sistah. BTW that frackin’ R2D2 is constantly patrolling our house!

  4. Looks like a blast! Makes me jealous, wishing I could spend Christmas eve with my family – especially my siblings and parents. Your grandma looks great. Both have mine have passed, but were elegant into their 90s.

    Happy new year! Hope it’s your best year yet.

  5. Jessie gets more beautiful with every picture. Seeing her all grown up makes me feel old.

  6. um yeah, pretty sure I would feel like a midget around your family, WOW. you guys are are freakishly gorgeous along with your freakish height =)

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