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Obama Wore a Khaki Suit and Then the Internet Exploded

Obama wore a khaki suit the other day and (as always) Twitter went crazy:   Honestly, the first thing I

Watch Beyonce’s VMA Performance That Everyone Is Talking About

I had no idea that there VMAs were still around…or MTV to be honest. But Beyonce turns anything she touches

Simple Gestures: Supermarket Employee Ties the Shoe of an Elderly Man and Warms Hearts

Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures which have the biggest impact on others. Keith Kiel was shopping at a Publix supermarket on

Child Reprimands Mom For Getting Pregnant Again

Shanee Hart broke the news to her children that they were going to have another sibling. Instead of being excited,

Toddler Bingo

  How to Be a Dad created a hilarious bingo card for parents of toddlers. Sadly, no prizes at the

Helping Foster Creativity: Toyota’s Dream Car of the Day

Promoted by Toyota Over the past couple of days, we have been discussing the importance of fostering self-confidence and creativity

Solving a Rubik’s Cube Around the World

Nuseir Yassin decided after his recently collage graduation that he would travel the world. He wanted to document his travels

Brazil’s Blind Soccer League

Yes, we know that the World Cup is over and everyone in the US went back to not caring about

Playing for Change: Performers Around the World Collaborate to Create Epic Versions of Classic Songs

Street musicians and other artists from around the world have collaborated to create an incredibly moving version of “Stand By

Your Brain On Coffee

Our home consists of a bunch of Ethiopians and Armenians, which means coffee is never far away. It’s so ingrained in

Ivory Coast Chocolate Farmers Taste Chocolate for the First Time

Cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast find out what their beans are used for and what the finished product tastes like

Foodnited States: US States Made out of Food

The lovely people over at Foodiggity (along with one of the creator’s 8-year-old son) came up this oddly mesmerizing photo

DIY: How to Measure the Speed of Light- With Chocolate!

This is a really fun experiment brought to you by At-Bristol. To measure the speed of light you will need

Sex educator Laci Green hacks your vagina

By: A.M., IANtB Science Editor Yes I know we’re all annoyed by every DIY shortcut, insight, or trick on the

DIY: Mold Fossil Shadow Box

Oh, fossils…you never cease to fascinate me. Luckily, my kids are equally enamored with the petrified remains. One of our

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Toon Goggles – On Demand Entertainment For Kids

This post was promoted by Toon Goggles. I remember thinking that when we had children, we would not allow any

Primal Pit Paste Giveaway! #WBW2014

Many of you know that I am slightly obsessed with Primal Pit Paste (PPP). Natural deodorants really never worked on

Monkey Pod Games (Giveaway)

Three things should come to mind when thinking about Monkey Pod Games: Specialty Game Designer, Community Member, and Child at

Animator Dad Delivers Another Amazing Home Video of His Son

You may remember Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto’s first video of his son James.  Action Hero Kid follows James doing daily

Watch These Guys Hilariously Act Out Their Moms’ Boring Conversations – Pt2

Back in July, Nik and his cousin from Kloons decided to act out their mother’s totally innocuous conversations. The result