Laboratory-Grown Vaginas Successfully Transplanted into Patients

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina created laboratory-grown vaginal organs that were successfully transplanted into young women with

Khaleesi Becomes Popular Baby Name

Well, this is a bit surprising. According to the Social Security Administration data on popular baby names, Khaleesi has become

Road Rage Karma

Did you see the viral “Road Rage Karma” video? The driver who recorded the incident had this to say: “This

Child-Led Weaning: Lesly

Images and text by Lesly Simmons The birth story I wrote in my head for my first child was radically

An Adoptive Breastfeeding Story: A Child’s Perspective

I was breastfed as a child. Currently, with a rise of acceptance of breastfeeding, and a greater awareness of its

Child-Led Weaning: Jill

Images and Text by Jill Petrush Rogers “My son hasn’t asked for ba-ba’s in 3 days, I’m sad”-  my sister-in-law

Easter Eggs

Samuel: Mommy, what do eggs have to do with Jesus’ resurrection? Me: Nothing, it relates more to Spring Equinox. Aram:

Watch: People Take on World’s Scariest Hike

One of China’s Five Sacred Daoist mountains, Hua Shan located east of Xi’an. It consists of four peaks, and is

Hamlin Fistula Water Project

Waves For Water / Hamlin Fistula Hospital Clean-Water Project Problem Every year obstetric fistula affects at least two million women

Family Travel to South Africa- Lion Sands

Back in February, we took the kids to South Africa and spent about two weeks on game drives during an

Homemade Pop Rocks Recipe

  This is a fun partial lesson in thermodynamics! Honestly, chemical cold packs or homemade ice cream from a baggy

Homemade Strawberry Milk Recipe

By Jamie Homemade strawberry milk is one of our favorite treats to serve on Valentine’s Day. This version can be

Should Humans Model Their Diets after Other Great Apes?

By Jamie Should humans eat like other non-human primates? There is much debate over whether humans should be eating like

DIY: Aromatherapy Shower Tablets

I absolutely love this recipe for aromatherapy shower tablets. Use your favorite essential oil combinations for an awesome home spa

Banana Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

By Jamie This is a great moisturizing body scrub for dry skin. The banana contains Vitamin C and B6 and

Home Spa: Carrot Avocado Body Mask

This is a fun one to do with kids! We love this mask because of the combination of ingredients. Carrots


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Nothin’ But Foods Giveaway!

Hey everyone! We have another great giveaway for you! I wanted to introduce you to Nothin’ But Foods! This company

Bare Tea Giveaway!

By Jamie I am so excited to be bringing you a giveaway from my very favorite tea company, Bare Tea!

Ergo Giveaway!

When I was pregnant, my sister-in-law and my sister both could not stop talking about their carriers. I didn’t know